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I had three nightmares in a row. - 0ur Nightmares [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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I had three nightmares in a row. [Dec. 9th, 2005|02:36 am]
0ur Nightmares


Why do I have so many? Damn you, college. DAMN YOU.

1st Night
Dream Premise: Bugs can drill holes in your face.

I looked at four holes in my boyfriend's chin, and I could see sinew and bone. It was the most disgusting and disturbing of the three nightmares; I have this odd fear of holes. The bugs were swarming all over the earth, and the rest of the dream was spent trying to kill them. They drilled holes in a really gross way: Imagine you're a bug. Put your arms straight above your head... that's how they pierced the flesh. Now, keeping your arms straight, bring your arms down to your side. The bugs did that same motion and it widened the piercing into a hole. ::shudder:: omg so gross

2nd Night
Dream Premise: My niece is one year old, but in the nightmare she was in the womb. However, she wasn't in my sister's womb; she was in my mom's because she was carrying her for my sister.

I was in a mall at night and mannequins came to life. They were marching toward me, crouched behind a potted plant in front of a department store. My dad called me, and said my mom was in an accident and that my uncle and aunt were driving her when it happened. My niece died in the womb, and then I had to work a shift at Ruby Tuesday. I couldn't remember the menu and from then on it was an anxiety kind of dream.

3rd Night
Dream Premise:Zombies are real, and out to get you!

Zombies attacked the living. I was driving and my boyfriend-turned-zombie attacked me. I survived, and wound up in a crazy amusement park inside a building (kind of like an elaborate haunted house). I tried hiding in a store and a woman showed me her tarot cards. I spent the rest of the dream stressed out as hell, trying to escape the zombies.